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2013-2014. Velkomin á opnun INGU ELÍNAR fimmtudaginn 12. desember í ARTÓTEKI, Borgarbókasafni Reykjavíkur, Tryggvagötu 15, 101 Reykjavík.
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Þér er boðið í opnar vinnustofur og aðventustemningu að Seljavegi 32, 101 Reykjavík helgina 6-8 desember, 2013 Bestu kveðjur, Inga Elín S: 770-8577.
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November 9 2011 Inga Elin exihbition in Salurinn Kopavogur was a great success. This exhibition was presented in collaboration with the concerts of the world renowned classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco. The Latin Jazz band Mojito will perfromed between 18:00-19:00.

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Inga Elin has an ongoing exhibition at Gallery Fish in Reykjavik
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welcome to Inga Elin Design and art

Artist and designer Inga Elin has a long period of study behind her. After graduating from the Reykjavik School of Art, she went on for a five-year period of study at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. This was followed by a further five years with Denmark Design in Copenhagen.

Inga Elin has held numerous private exhibitions, as well as in collaboration with other artists. Her work has been displayed extenisvely in Iceland as well as abroad (United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark), leading to many prizes and awards throughout her career. Particular mention must be made of an award bestowed by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, which Inga Elin won upon Graduation from Danmarks Design School. The prize she won was Kunsthandvaerkereprisen (Arts and Crafts Award of Denmark)

Inga Elin ran the Inga Elin Gallery at 5, Skolavordustigur, in Reykjavik from 1993 until 2002. She has also been closely involved with the Icelandic Chefs Competition Team. The restaurants Argentina Steakhouse and Vox at the Hilton Hotel also own and display many of her works.

For the past ten years, Inga Elin has designed the statuette Istonn for the Icelandic annual music awards.

When Elton John paid a visit to Iceland in 2007, he visited Inga Elin's gallery and purchased a piece from her, which she now calls the Elton John Bowl. He was also impressed with her sculptures, purchasing one of them as well.

Inga Elin works with many types of materials, porcelain, stoneware and combinations of glass and cement. She creates both functional objects, as well as sculptures. Her latest project is a series of ceramic bowls decorated with ash from the Eyjafjallajokull eruption in April and May 2010.

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